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Maggie Devlin - Party FearsThis is not a photo of me, but I think a person holding Christmas lights while giving the deuce is a vibe I’m cool with being associated with. Don’t worry. I’m not that angry in person. No one can be this angry in person.

I love street and concert photography, and have been practicing both in Seoul for the last few years. On the weekends, you can often find me kicking around in the live halls of Hongdae or Haebangchon, taking photos and acting cool. I also like to visit areas of Seoul slated for redevelopment, especially “moon villages,” unplanned communities of displaced people.

I’m always tinkering around with several projects, some photography related, and some not. One that doesn’t quite occupy enough of my time is Korindie, which combines concert photography with bootleg recordings and video for bands. I like to think of it as a small piece of community building for indie music scenes in Korea. Burpy Fresh is a indie game review website. Early days at the moment, but it’s growing! I am also working on writing down a collection of travel experiences here, and a couple of YouTube and podcasty things, TBA.